Comment déterminer la valeur de mon terrain ?

You have land that you want to sell; At what price ? You have no idea.

Determining the price of its sale comes down to taking into account several factors such as its configuration, its surface area and above all its status. And most importantly, remember that the advice of a professional will always be of great help.

Know the status of your land

From this will depend the price of your land. Since if your land is constructive, its price will be higher depending on its geographical location, because non-constructive (agricultural) land splits at not very attractive prices. So it is really important to know the status of your land. And if this is not yet the case, then go to your town hall to consult the PLU (Local Urban Plan) and the POS [Land Occupancy Plan].

After consulting these official documents, if the land for sale is located in zone U then it can be built on immediately. Do not worry if your municipality does not have these documents. The municipal map can also be consulted. Failing this, use the RNU [National Urban Planning Regulations]. Once this step is completed, remember to know the area of ​​the land.

 Hire an expert surveyor

Before selling a piece of land, it is important to know its area. It is exactly at this time that the presence of a surveyor is necessary. He will take care of surveying your area. Then he will limit the property to convince the buyer of the limits of the land and convince him of his price.

Succeed in estimating the value of the land

Several elements must be considered to make a real estimate of your land. Among them we can cite among others: the possibility of carrying out a real estate project, the form of ownership and the ease of access to electricity, water and telephone networks.

To be able to take all these elements into account, it would be best to call on an expert in the field. You have the choice between a land specialist, a real estate agent or a notary. If you want someone who can also incidentally take care of the legal aspect, choose the notary. After all this, you can service your land by attracting buyers.

Attract buyers

This approach is at least important, because it gives more value to the land and interests many more buyers. If you already have a telephone, water, gas or electricity will make the sale easier for you and you can be sure of selling your land at a very attractive price. Then do the necessary work to service your property and give it more value.