Loi Pinel : quelles conditions d’éligibilité ? 

Investing, reducing your taxes and benefiting from a regular cash flow: it’s the Pinel law! How to take advantage of it? Answers in our file. 

What are the eligibility conditions for the Pinel scheme? 

Extended until the end of 2024, the real estate tax exemption system of  the Pinel law  is a real success with investors. The Pinel law makes it possible to build up a real estate portfolio, to benefit from a regular inflow of money thanks to the rents collected and to benefit from  tax reductions . All these advantages have attracted many taxpayers who have seen the opportunity to combine these three opportunities. Do you want to take advantage of it too? Find out what are  the conditions for benefiting from the tax exemption system of the Pinel law  ! 

What type of property to buy for an investment in Pinel? 

Not all real estate is eligible for the Pinel law. Indeed, this system responds to a problem present in many large cities and metropolises as well as in their agglomeration: the lack of rental accommodation. To alleviate this  housing crisis , the Pinel law makes it possible to  carry out a rental investment  in these tense areas and to benefit from tax reductions. 


The  goods concerned by the Pinel law  are:  

  • New housing or housing under construction;  
  • Housing located in collective housing; 
  • Housing located in zones A, A bis and B1 of the Pinel zoning. 

Eligibility conditions for the lessor in Pinel 

All taxpayers domiciled in France for tax purposes can  invest in Pinel . This device is interesting for Marginal Tax Brackets (TMI) located in the middle. 


The advantages of the Pinel law are as follows:  

  • Tax reduction of up to 21%  ;  
  • Constitution of a real estate heritage; 
  • Regular monthly pension; 
  • Possibility of selling, renting or living in the accommodation at the end of the rental period; 
  • Possibility of renting the accommodation to his ascendants or descendants. 

Eligibility conditions for the tenant in Pinel 

To benefit from all  the advantages offered by the Pinel law , you must also choose your tenants according to their financial resources. Ceilings are put in place by the system to favor low-income households. 


Depending on  the Pinel zones , this ceiling is variable:  

  • Between €38,400 and €31,300 for a single person; 
  • Between €57,400 and €41,800 for a couple;  
  • Between €89,800 and €60,700 for a couple with two dependent children.