Fiché à la BNB ? Rapprochez-vous d’un médiateur de dettes

Your situation can be greatly complicated when you are the subject of a file with the national bank. Apart from the fact that you can no longer take out new loans, you may also be under pressure to repay your debts. Fortunately, you can get help by seeking debt mediation. What is it and what can debt mediation do for you?

Where can I request debt mediation?

In the event of financial difficulty, a person has the possibility of requesting debt mediation. This is generally available from the CPAS or Public Center for Social Action in each region. It is also possible to appeal to judicial mediation with the labor court. In this case, the judge will appoint a mediator responsible for carrying out a collective debt settlement. Finally, the person in difficulty can also request legal assistants including a lawyer, a bailiff or a notary to play the role of mediator. For the latter cases, however, the service is chargeable.

What are the missions of the debt mediator?

The debt mediator supports the borrower in difficulty in the process of settling his debts. It provides advice and assists the debtor in drawing up a repayment plan, to be presented to creditors.

A debt mediator to take stock of your finances

The debt mediator will first look at the real situation of your finances. He establishes with you a balance sheet taking into account your resources and your expenses. This approach aims to determine the share of income devoted to the daily life of the borrower in difficulty: rent, bill, food, travel, etc. In this way, it will be easier to determine a quota that can be assigned to the repayment of your debts.

A debt mediator to develop a repayment plan

Once the balance sheet has been drawn up, we move on to the second stage. It consists of developing a repayment plan for the settlement of your debts. The plan is drawn up on the basis of concrete and precise figures in order to determine the time required to completely clear your debts. Once the plan has been drawn up and validated, it will be presented to the creditors.

A debt mediator to negotiate with creditors

The mission of the debt mediator is to ensure a link between the debtor and his or her creditors. The latter require repayment of the loans taken out by the borrower. Being in a delicate situation, the borrower can no longer honor his commitments according to the agreed terms. It will be necessary to find common ground to repay the loans according to the current possibilities of the debtor. The repayment plan is the main working document. The mediator presents it to the creditors while providing arguments to convince them. The creditors have every interest in accepting this amicable settlement, the only possibility of resolution. However, if the creditors reject the proposal, the mediator will notify the borrower of this rejection and another plan will have to be drawn up. If no agreement is reached,

In case of need for cash, the debt mediator can also help the borrower to get closer to a specialized organization offering credit offers for people in difficulty .