Les diagnostics immobiliers à suivre pour vendre un immobilier

The sale of a property must be prepared in advance so that your house knows a great success on the price. You must follow a few procedures to satisfy the requirements of future owners. So for the house to be perfect, you must carry out real estate diagnostics before the sale.

Carrez law diagnosis, energy performance and asbestos

The Carrez law diagnosis consists of determining the size of your house: the area of ​​all the rooms such as the garage, the terrace; the height. This diagnosis is important for the sale, the area is the first information that the buyer requires. But the sale of private houses does not often require the Carrez law diagnosis.

The diagnosis of energy performance or DPE, a building must have a source of energy, for the various household tasks and for the light. The energy performance diagnosis makes it possible to evaluate the energy expenditure of your home. Check the building materials, the heating system and the operation of the hot and cold water tap. And in addition, this diagnosis is essential in real estate diagnoses. After an energy performance diagnosis, you can be reassured to sell your Aix-en-provence property with ease .

The asbestos diagnosis, all buildings must be inspected if there is any presence of asbestos. The presence of this substance should be dealt with more closely to avoid various problems.

Termite, lead and natural hazard diagnosis

The diagnosis termites, it is a diagnosis which consists in inspecting on the presence termites. The real estates which present the presence of the termites, follow the procedures of the diagnosis termites as soon as possible. The areas that reveal the existence or not of termites carry out a six-month diagnosis.

Lead diagnosis concerns the presence of lead. The old buildings contain traces of lead on the paintwork. If the lead rate in a real estate is high, the validity of this building lasts only one year. But if the lead level is normal, the house is not a problem.

The natural risk state diagnosis or also called ERNT, is a plan for the prevention of natural disasters. The structure of the house defines whether it can withstand a cyclone or an earthquake, … the diagnosis allows buyers to be reassured for Aix-en-Provence real estate of its hardness. If the house has structural problems, the state only gives six months for that house to be renovated.

Gas and electrical diagnostics

The gas diagnosis is reserved for properties that have a natural gas installation that has lasted 15 years. This real estate must be inspected to prevent gas leaks and cause other problems. You should check if everything is normal and that the gas installations are suitable for your home.

Electrical diagnosis is the same as for gas. It consists of checking the electrical installations of your building if it lasts more than 15 years, you should consider changing them. If they still meet the standards, an expert should give you a certificate that you can hand over to future owners. The duration of validated electrical diagnosis is 3 years. The electrical diagnosis is only used for the restoration and inspection of electrical installations, it is up to the buyers to change or renovate them in their own way. This inspection also allows the verification of waste water pockets if they meet the standards.